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Resources for members, club officers, and district officers


Do you have a resource (e.g., website, document, etc.) you find useful, etc.?  Is it something your fellow YACT members as club member, club officer, or district officer would benefit from?  This site is for sharing these resources with your fellow members. 

Send an email with a brief description of the resource you would like added to the list of resources below to the YACT webmaster at  Thank you!

Policy Documents

Toastmasters Policies and Procedures              

 Toastmasters Governing Documents:

  • TI Articles of Incorporation
  • TI Bylaws
  • District Administrative Bylaws
  • Club Constitution and Standard Bylaws
  • Policy and Protocol
YACT Operations Manual

 YACT Operations Manual, April 2013           

  • Council Procedures
  • Council Practices      

 Member Educational Resources

Advanced Communication Projects

 List of 15 different advanced communication manuals includes

  • Project title
  • Project time parameters
  • Project objectives
Competent Leadership Checklist

 Track project requirement completions

Effective Evaluation (Word)

Effective Evaluation (PowerPoint)

 Tips for giving effective evaluations

 Evaluation Do's and Don'ts

Member Achievement Record (.xls)

Member Achievement Record (.pdf)

 Electronic member achievement record

  • Track completion of educational awards
  • Fields for speech title
  • Select advanced communication manual; project titles automatically filled in
  • Worksheet for notes; good place to track officer roles completed, etc.

Mentoring Overview and Packet

 Mentor Checklist and Mentor Packet

Sponsor, Mentor, and Coach Training

 Interested in being a club sponsor, mentor, or coach?

  • Attend quarterly training
  • Roles assigned by District Governor / Lt Gov Marketing

Club Officer Resources

Club Central HandbookUsers guide for conducting essential club business on the Toastmasters International website
Club Leadership Handbook

 2013-2014 Club Leadership Handbook

  • Governing documents
  • Club within District Structure
  • Club timeline
  • Club leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Distinguished club program
  • Toastmasters educational program
  • Club finance
  • Public relations and marketing
  • Club events
Club Officer Presentation July 2012 club officer training presentation
Club Officer Resource Packet

 July 2012 club office resource packet

  • Club officer roles (one page list)
  • Membership drives
  • Club Success Plan
  • What is the scoop on your group?

Club Officer Training Materials -  Jan 2013

 January 2013 club officer training materials

Club Officer Training Materials -  June 2013

 June 2013 club officer training materials

 February 2015 club officer training materials

Club Performance Report

 Club Performance Report (Alternative club success report)

  • Current year club distinguished club status report
  • Prior year club status report and membership numbers
Club Success Plan Manual 2013-2014 Club Success Plan Manual

Distinguished Club Report

 Toastmasters International Distinguished club report:

  • Enter your club number
  • Click Generate Report
Low Membership Role Ideas Tips on conducting meetings with low membership
Master Member Communication List  Track member progress against communication track
Master Member Leadership Checklist Track member progress against leadership track
Member sign-up sheet Sign up sheet to print on back of meeting agendas

Sergeant At Arms Checklist 1

Sergeant At Arms Checklist 2

 Sergeant At Arms checklists (Courtesy of David Fison)
Successful Club Program Template Develop and track Successful Club Program status
Toastmasters Brand Portal
  • Logos
  • Graphics
  • Stationary templates
  • Marketing Materials
  • Downloadable Digital Content
VP Education Record Track member educational awards in one document

District Officer Resources

Area Performance Report Area Performance Report (enter U for District)
District Leadership Handbook 2013-2014 District Leadership Handbook
  • Service level in support of members
  • District Government
  • District Structure
  • District timeline
  • District leadership roles and responsibilities
  • District recognition program
  • Leadership training
  • Toastmasters educational program
  • Financial structure and procedures
  • Membership and club building
  • Public relations and marketing
  • District events
District Officer Presentation July 2012 district officer training presentation
District Officer Resource Packet July 2012 district officer resource packet
District Recognition Plan 2012-2013 district recognition Plan
District Performance Reports

 District performance reports

  • District performance
  • Distinguished club program by division/area
  • Distinguish division/area
  • Dues renewal status
  • Club officer list status
  • Educational achievements
  • New clubs
  • Prospective clubs


Updated: February 22, 2015

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