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Area Governors, you are the face of the Council to the Clubs! Let your Division Governor know if you need any help at all!!

Leadership Resources


Leadership is a life long study. When we joined Toastmasters we wanted to improve our communication skills. Leadership and communication go hand in hand. We become better communicators by taking on leadership opportunities and become more confident communicators.

In Toastmasters, we have the opportunity to not only develop our leadership skills, but to help others believe in themselves and thus become our future leaders.

Below are some tools to help you along your leadership journey:


YACT Officer Training and Resources



Toastmasters International District Officer and Club Officer Manuals

Both the District Leadership Handbook (Item 222) and Club Leadership Handbook (Item 1310) are easy to reference, feature role-specific icons and include additional resources and citations from Toastmasters governing documents. These manuals are available on line in PDF format. Timelines are in the front section of the books to help you plan club / District level events.


YACT Dues: 

Please send YACT dues to the YACT Treasurer, Stephanie Lee, at the following address:

Stephanie Lee

Mailing address: 7328 Nathan Dr, Anchorage, AK 99518

USA YACT clubs:

YACT offers clubs the option of electronic transfers from a United States Toastmaster club bank account to the YACT bank account through VANCO. Clubs will need send a completed VANCO Authorization Form to the YACT Treasurer. Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service through VANCO to Canadian Toastmaster Clubs.

This makes it easy for a Toastmaster Club Treasurer to pay YACT dues since they don’t have to write a check and mail it to the YACT Treasurer.

There are some Vanco Services fees associated with this, but they are minimal. Should the club choose this payment option, the fees will be paid by the club and added to the total of the transaction.

1) There is a one time set up fee of $.50 added to the initial transaction and this fee is not charged again unless bank account information is changed.

2) There is a $.50 transaction fee added to the transaction each time money is transferred. Compare that to the cost of a postage stamp, and we think you'll agree the convenience is worth it!

If your Toastmaster club decides to use this method of payment, the YACT Treasurer will need your club bank account number and the bank routing number and you would have to sign a YACT Bank Transfer Authorization form (which is attached). Once you are ready to have money withdrawn from your bank, email the withdrawal notice to the YACT Treasurer. They will email you back BEFORE the funds are withdrawn to verify the information.

There is no requirement to use electronic transfers instead of mailing checks to YACT. If you have any questions about this, please contact the YACT Treasurer above.


Updated: June 21, 2014

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